AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysbump for 1.13Eric Engestrom
2021-02-06bump for 1.12Eric Engestrom
2021-02-06drop -march=native workaround as it's not needed anymoreEric Engestrom
2020-12-06strip `-march=native` if present as it breaks the compilationEric Engestrom
2020-11-28bump for 1.11Eric Engestrom
2020-07-25bump pkgrelEric Engestrom
2020-07-25enable experimental wayland supportEric Engestrom
2020-07-25use ninja instead of make to run the compilationEric Engestrom
2020-07-22bump for 1.9Eric Engestrom
2020-05-20bump for 1.8Eric Engestrom
2020-04-26bump pkgver as well, as I've just realized 1.7-2 will never be newer than wha...Eric Engestrom
2020-04-26bump pkgrel to get everyone to rebuild the package correctlyEric Engestrom
2020-04-26drop incorrect VERSION_STABLE build flagEric Engestrom
2020-03-10bump for 1.7Eric Engestrom
2020-01-16add missing makedependsEric Engestrom
2020-01-16bump for 1.6Eric Engestrom
2019-10-10set provided renderdoc versionEric Engestrom
2019-10-10bump for 1.5Eric Engestrom
2019-04-30bump for 1.4, drop unnecessary git branch selection and pkgver re-generationEric Engestrom
2018-12-13bump for 1.2Eric Engestrom
2018-04-01update to v1.0Eric Engestrom
2016-05-02update to r3059.d98c29b after release of 0.28Eric Engestrom
2016-02-25add missing `conflicts` and `provides`Eric Engestrom
2016-02-23initial commit - adaptation from aur/renderdocEric Engestrom