AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-01Disable tests for nowBen Morgan
2020-08-31Follow Go packaging guidelinesBen Morgan
2020-08-30Update repoctl to version 0.21Ben Morgan
2020-07-24Update repoctl to version 0.20Ben Morgan
2020-01-03Update repoctl to version 0.19Ben Morgan
2018-02-28Updating repoctl to version 0.18Ben Morgan
2018-01-30Updating SRCINFO fileBen Morgan
2018-01-30Updating repoctl to version 0.17Ben Morgan
2016-11-22Version 0.16Ben Morgan
2016-06-02Updating SRCINFOBen Morgan
2016-06-02Updating repoctl to version 0.15Ben Morgan
2016-04-23Oops: updating .SRCINFOBen Morgan
2016-04-23Package does not require git in makedependsBen Morgan
2016-04-23Upgrading to version 0.14Ben Morgan
2015-07-19Initial commitBen Morgan