AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-27all: update PKGBUILD for working with local repositoryShulhan
2024-03-21all: replace repository URL with new repositoryShulhan
2023-11-30all: fix and update pkgver to tipShulhan
2023-11-09all: release v4.4.2Shulhan
2022-07-11all: backup existing files on etcShulhan
2022-03-15Release rescached v4.3.0Shulhan
2021-12-04Release rescasched v4.1.0Shulhan
2021-12-04all: update to latest release v4.0.0-devShulhan
2021-01-26Release rescached v4.0.0Shulhan
2020-09-07all: generate new .SRCINFOShulhan
2020-09-07PKGBUILD: remove asciidoctor from makedependsShulhan
2020-07-23Release rescached v3.0.2Shulhan
2020-03-08PKGBUILD: backup localhost certificate filesShulhan
2020-01-15Release rescached v3.0.0Shulhan
2019-12-26PKGBUILD: increase the go-pie dependency from 1.11 to 1.13Shulhan
2019-12-26Release rescached v3.0.0-alphaShulhan
2019-03-02Release rescached v2.1.1Shulhan
2019-02-01Release rescached v2.1.0Shulhan
2019-01-16Release v2.0.0Shulhan
2018-11-16post_upgrade: do not remove the previous configurationShulhan
2018-09-08Fix package versionShulhan
2018-09-08Add .SRCINFO, update version without revision count and commit hashShulhan
2018-09-08Release candidate #1 for v2.0.0Shulhan
2018-05-18Release 1.7.0.r6.gddf766fShulhan
2017-06-03Rescached v1.7.0M. Shulhan
2017-03-18Rescached v1.6.0M. Shulhan
2017-03-17Backup blocked host fileM. Shulhan
2017-02-24Release of rescached v1.5.1M. Shulhan
2017-02-24Rescached v1.5.0M. Shulhan
2017-02-08Rescached v1.4.1M. Shulhan
2017-02-05Release for version 1.4.0M. Shulhan
2016-10-29Update to version 1.3.1M. Shulhan
2016-10-23Update to version 1.3.0M. Shulhan
2016-09-17Remove asciidoc from make dependenciesM. Shulhan
2016-09-06Add support for ARM deviceM. Shulhan
2016-09-04Update version to disable alwyays rebuild when running pacaurM. Shulhan
2016-09-04Remove $_pkgname variable to simplify buildM. Shulhan
2016-07-08Update to version 1.1.0.Mhd Sulhan
2016-01-07Update to version r123.Mhd Sulhan
2016-01-06Update to version r121Mhd Sulhan
2015-07-06Update to version r120.Mhd Sulhan
2015-07-06New release version r119.53a68a6.Mhd Sulhan
2015-06-10Initial importMhd Sulhan