AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-15Update package checksumsRandy Ramos
2017-12-15Fix release numberRandy Ramos
2017-12-15Update to next versionRandy Ramos
2017-10-01Update .SRCINFORandy Ramos
2017-10-01PKGBUILD now creates log dirRandy Ramos
2017-10-01Patch src to save logs in /var/log/responderRandy Ramos
2017-09-27Updated to new versionRandy Ramos
2017-04-22Changed install directory to /usr/share/responderRandy Ramos
2017-04-22I changed the source to an active forkRandy Ramos
2017-04-21Initial commitRandy Ramos