AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 days[lilac] updated to 0.26.0-1lilac
2024-02-09[lilac] updated to 0.25.0-1lilac
2023-10-25resticprofile: auto updated to 0.24.0-1lilac
2023-10-10resticprofile: update and switch to git-based buildChih-Hsuan Yen
2023-01-02Packaging fixesMatthew Gamble
2023-01-02Forgot to update SRCINFOMatthew Gamble
2023-01-02Update to latest releaseMatthew Gamble
2022-01-23Update to latest release - 0.16.0Matthew Gamble
2021-10-17Update to latest releaseMatthew Gamble
2021-02-08pkgbuild for v0.11.0; initialKyle Brennan