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2018-05-12Updated sources & put back --disable-x11Cecile Tonglet
It seems some people can't make it works properly on RPI3. I could not reproduce it. In doubt I added it backed. > X11 input/video drivers are activated, which lead to error on rbp3: > > [INFO] [Video]: Graphics driver did not initialize an input driver. Attempting to pick a suitable driver. > [ERROR] Currently active window is not an X11 window. Cannot use this driver. > [ERROR] [Video]: Cannot initialize input driver. Exiting ... > [ERROR] Fatal error received in: "video_driver_init_input()" > [ERROR] This core requires a content file. > > See also:
2017-12-27Fixed: core mupen64plus brokenCecile Tonglet
> New build instruction seems to break compatibility to some cores e.g. > mupen64plus. To recover compatibility you should remove the line > starts with "export PKG_CONFIG_PATH ..." Tested on RPI2
2017-12-26Removed dependency on OpenAL and SDL2Cecile Tonglet
2017-12-26Added .travis.ymlCecile Tonglet
2017-12-26Bumped to version 1.7.0Cecile Tonglet
2017-12-26Add videocore paths to PKG_CONFIG_PATHSergey Slipchenko
2017-07-04Upgrade to Git version directlyCecile Tonglet
Building from the latest commit seems to work again.
2017-07-04Upgraded to RetroArch 1.6.1Cecile Tonglet
2017-04-23Upgrade to 1.5.0, fix version and cleanupCecile Tonglet
- The 1.5.0 is the latest that compiles on the RPI2 - Clean-up: removed python as dependency, added --disable-* from official packet, added optional packets - Do not use the master branch anymore: I didn't succeeded to make it compile again.
2016-04-30New maintainerCecile Tonglet
2015-12-12Convert tabs to spacesJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-12-12Add sdl2 to the dependencies.Julian Xhokaxhiu
This fixes a compilation error.
2015-11-29Simplify even more.Julian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Simplify the build taskJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Remove all the disable flagsJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Revert back to previous situation.Julian Xhokaxhiu
At least with this we have all the vc libraries linked.
2015-11-29Try to kick in the whole logic of CFLAGS and LDFLAGS by simply using ↵Julian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Breaking flag. Remove it.Julian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Try to enable Videocore featureJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Back to CFLAGS and LDFLAGS.Julian Xhokaxhiu
Add also the list of libs to be linked. Maybe this is going to help.
2015-11-29Try to use DISPMANX_LIBS and DISPMANX_CFLAGS flags.Julian Xhokaxhiu
Maybe this time it will compile...
2015-11-29Try with LD_LIBRARY_PATH.Julian Xhokaxhiu
Linking seems to have no effect.
2015-11-29Since we don't use the native GUI disable the freetypeJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29I hope this is the final fix to the build error...Julian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Shrink depends sectionJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Missing export declaration.Julian Xhokaxhiu
CFLAGS and LDFLAGS were practically not really set.
2015-11-29Remove some non-working flags and disable jack audio driverJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Add some more configure flagsJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Move link libraries to LDFLAGSJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29CFLAGS include /opt/vb/lib link librariesJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Less CFLAGSJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29CFLAGS inclusion fixJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Strip down dependenciesJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-29Even more optimization flagsJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-28Add special /opt/vc folder into the include list when buildingJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-28Optimization for make task.Julian Xhokaxhiu
Make sure that for RPI only uses EGL for 3D and dispmanx for 2D
2015-11-28Bump versio in PKGBUILD.Julian Xhokaxhiu
Align with libretro versioning.
2015-11-28Remove the optional dependency and joyconfig packagingJulian Xhokaxhiu
2015-11-28WIPJulian Xhokaxhiu
Just get the package repo in AUR4 :)
2015-08-14initial importThomas Schneider