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4 days3-1Julian Xhokaxhiu
2020-08-272-14Julian Xhokaxhiu
2020-08-152-13Julian Xhokaxhiu
2020-08-15Add .gitignoreJulian Xhokaxhiu
2020-08-15Fix sysuser syntax errorJulian Xhokaxhiu
2019-09-252-12Julian Xhokaxhiu
2019-09-25Migrate to sha256sumsJulian Xhokaxhiu
2019-09-25Fix syntax issueJulian Xhokaxhiu
2018-08-042-11Julian Xhokaxhiu
2018-08-04Remove udev package dependencyJulian Xhokaxhiu
2018-04-022-10Julian Xhokaxhiu
2018-04-02Enable logging verbosity by defaultJulian Xhokaxhiu
2018-04-02Forward logs to a debug fileJulian Xhokaxhiu
2018-04-02Enable Core download option by defaultJulian Xhokaxhiu
2017-09-022-9Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-09-02Add xorg-xsetJulian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-12Bump to 2-8Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-12Revert "Move again away from X.Org"Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-12Update MD5 and Bump to 2-7Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-12Bump to 2-6Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-12Move again away from X.OrgJulian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-10Bump to 2-5Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-10Enhance the X.Org start scriptJulian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-10Revert "Move back again from X.Org"Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-10Bump to 2-4Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-10Move back again from X.OrgJulian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-10Bump to 2-3Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-10Bring back X.Org and set a folder for savefiles and savestatesJulian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-01Bump to 2-2Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-01Revert "Switch to X.Org"Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-01Bump to 2-1Julian Xhokaxhiu
2017-08-01Switch to X.OrgJulian Xhokaxhiu
2017-07-15Add default system directoryJulian Xhokaxhiu
2017-06-04Bump pkgrelJulian Xhokaxhiu
2017-06-04Bump pkgrelJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Nicer echo formatJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Bump pkgrelJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Print additional user informationJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Bump pkgrel and hashesJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Add more permissionsJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Always restart the service if it crashesJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Create the cache directory inside the user folderJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Add cache directoryJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Bump pkrel and update hashesJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Restart the process if it is an unclean exitJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Update required permissions neededJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Remove trailing /Julian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Bump pkgrel and update hashesJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Redo the home directory creationJulian Xhokaxhiu
2016-06-23Final fix!Julian Xhokaxhiu