AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-10version bumpKaleb Klein
2023-12-11Build update and package takeoverKaleb Klein
2021-12-28update build system to mesonAdrià Arrufat
2019-12-16update to latest revision and fix buildAdrià Arrufat
2017-10-09update to 3.4.2Adrià Arrufat
2017-05-09remove install fileAdrià Arrufat
2017-03-18move browser pluginAdrià Arrufat
2017-01-10switch to official versioningAdrià Arrufat
2016-04-11Remove unneeded ./configureAdrià Arrufat
2016-03-22Switch to webkit2Adrià Arrufat
2016-03-18Make package version guidelines compliantAdrià Arrufat
2016-03-16Update contact emailAdrià Arrufat
2016-03-16Update contact emailAdrià Arrufat
2016-03-16Handle different version numbering in rhythmboxAdrià Arrufat
2015-09-06fixed upgrade error: command failed to execute correctlyAdrià Arrufat
2015-08-30Updated .SRCINFOAdrià Arrufat
2015-08-30Updated versionAdrià Arrufat
2015-08-20Added gtk-doc as makedependsAdrià Arrufat
2015-08-01Updated description to match [extra] packageAdrià Arrufat
2015-07-30Use https for sourcesAdrià Arrufat
2015-07-29Fixed regexp in prepare functionAdrià Arrufat
2015-07-26Synced with official reposAdrià Arrufat
2015-07-26Initial importAdrià Arrufat