AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-17riemann: bump pkgrelTyler Langlois
2021-03-17riemann: add inetutils to dependenciesTyler Langlois
2020-09-20riemann: version bump to 0.3.6Tyler Langlois
2019-12-25riemann: bump to version 0.3.5Tyler Langlois
2019-07-18riemann: version bump to 0.3.3Tyler Langlois
2019-07-17riemann: version bump to 0.3.2Tyler Langlois
2018-07-01Update riemann to 0.3.1Tyler Langlois
2018-01-24update riemann to 0.3.0Tyler Langlois
2017-04-21riemann: update to 0.2.13Tyler Langlois
2016-04-20riemann: update to version 0.2.11Tyler Langlois
2016-03-03riemann: build from source, precompiled shipped separatelyTyler Langlois
2015-09-02riemann: bump version to 0.2.10Tyler Langlois
2015-09-02riemann: remove extraneous directives for unused /var/libTyler Langlois
2015-08-29riemann: checksum and version bumpTyler Langlois
2015-08-29riemann: various fixesTyler Langlois
2015-08-26PKGBUILD: Use TLS endpoint for artifact downloadTyler Langlois
2015-08-26Fix: remove accidental artifact commitTyler Langlois
2015-08-26Migrate riemann to AUR4Tyler Langlois