AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-18update to 1.2.2753Sebastien Duthil
2020-07-28update to 1.1.2654Sebastien Duthil
2020-04-29update to 1.1.2618Sebastien Duthil
2020-04-05update to 1.1.2589Sebastien Duthil
2020-03-01include all language filesSebastien Duthil
2020-03-01update to Rimworld 1.1Sebastien Duthil
2019-05-31update to 1.0 2282Sebastien Duthil
2019-05-08build: remove excluded filesSebastien Duthil
2019-05-08update to 1.0 2231Sebastien Duthil
2019-02-02update to 1.0.2150Sebastien Duthil
2018-10-23update maintainer emailSebastien Duthil
2018-10-23update to 1.0Sebastien Duthil
2018-09-04update to beta 19Sebastien Duthil
2018-07-31update desktop iconSebastien Duthil
2018-01-01update to beta 18Sebastien Duthil
2017-10-17update to alpha 17bSebastien Duthil
2017-05-31update to alpha 17Sebastien Duthil
2016-12-20update to alpha 16Sebastien Duthil
2016-10-01update to alpha 15cSebastien Duthil
2016-10-01add variable for package subversionSebastien Duthil
2016-08-28update to alpha 15Sebastien Duthil
2016-07-29update to alpha 14eSebastien Duthil
2016-07-21update to alpha 14dSebastien Duthil
2016-07-21fix unzip commandSebastien Duthil
2016-07-18update to 0.14cSebastien Duthil
2016-07-15update to 0.14Sebastien Duthil
2016-04-21update .SRCINFOSebastien Duthil
2016-04-20fix unzip commandSebastien Duthil
2016-04-19fix dependency nameSebastien Duthil
2016-04-19bump package release versionSebastien Duthil
2016-04-19update dependenciesSebastien Duthil
2016-04-19move rimworld to /opt/rimworldSebastien Duthil
2016-04-18update licenseSebastien Duthil
2016-04-06update to alpha 13Sebastien Duthil
2015-12-14Initial package 0.12.914Sebastien Duthil