AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-14Fish packages rg completions, remove our copy and add fish as optdependChris Nixon
2019-01-28Update PKGBUILD to remove deprecated feature flags and add PCRE2 supportChris Nixon
2018-04-03Update doc install to be in line with ripgrep packageChris Nixon
2018-02-19Bump VersionChris Nixon
2018-02-19Add support for AVX on supporting machinesMatt Kline
2018-02-16Bump SRCINFOChris Nixon
2018-02-16Signed-off-by: Chris Nixon <>Matt Kline
2017-01-24Properly fix versioning (all credit to mrkline)Chris Nixon
2017-01-23Fix the version selection properlyChris Nixon
2017-01-23Adjust pkgver function to discard leading [a-zA-z]Chris Nixon
2016-09-24Initial CommitChris Nixon