AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-21Update to 1:
2022-09-20Update to 1:r18-1Rhinoceros
2020-05-07Update to 1:r13-1Rhinoceros
2018-05-22add git as makedependsJenya Sovetkin
2018-05-22new releaseJenya Sovetkin
2018-05-22git link? following suggestion in commentsJenya Sovetkin
2018-05-22get version from clone repositoryJenya Sovetkin
2018-05-22switching to git repoJenya Sovetkin
2018-05-11fixing a linkJenya Sovetkin
2018-01-13gcc6 as temporary fix for gcc7 bugJenya Sovetkin
2018-01-13leave out the parenthesesJenya Sovetkin
2015-11-05Initial commit. No one repackaged this package...Jenya Sovetkin