AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-05switch to github repoRasmus Steinke
2017-07-28update SRCINFORasmus Steinke
2017-07-28add pwgen dependencyRasmus Steinke
2016-10-29use rofiRasmus Steinke
2016-05-28depend on rofi-git for the time beingRasmus Steinke
2016-04-29depend on gawkRasmus Steinke
2016-04-24use httpsRasmus Steinke
2016-02-03dont use an array for install fileRasmus Steinke
2015-12-13update sourceinfoRasmus Steinke
2015-12-12change rofi dependencyRasmus Steinke
2015-11-11nicer phrasingRasmus Steinke
2015-09-13add passed optdependRasmus Steinke
2015-08-22remove xprop depRasmus Steinke
2015-08-22remove wmctrl depRasmus Steinke
2015-08-21update srcinfoRasmus Steinke
2015-08-21add xdg-utils depRasmus Steinke
2015-06-08Initial importRasmus Steinke