AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysv2.16Mark Collins
2024-05-03Pkgrel bump for python 3.12Mark Collins
2024-04-27v2.15Mark Collins
2024-03-14v2.14Mark Collins
2024-01-12Version 2.10Mark Collins
2024-01-12Fix install message for now require python-websocketMark Collins
2024-01-12Fix checksum for dual-release upstreamMark Collins
2024-01-12Fix LICENSE file installationMark Collins
2024-01-12Make python and python-websockets dependencies as namcap indicates those are ...Mark Collins
2024-01-12Version 2.09Mark Collins
2023-12-04Fix PKGBUILD after clean chroot build and namcap runMark Collins
2023-10-20Removed spurious optdependsMark Collins
2023-09-28v2.08Mark Collins
2023-06-25v2.06Mark Collins
2023-01-05Improved gitignoreMark Collins
2023-01-03v2.00Mark Collins
2022-04-25v1.61Mark Collins
2022-03-01v1.60.1Mark Collins
2022-01-23v1.60Mark Collins
2021-08-02Updated to version 1.59.1Mark Collins
2021-06-05Added urlMark Collins
2021-05-28Version bump to 1.58Mark Collins
2021-04-18v1.57: A few bugfixes, mainly.Mark Collins
2021-04-06Added post_install() info, improved file layoutMark Collins
2021-04-05Updated .SRCINFOYour Name
2021-04-05🙈Your Name
2021-04-05Updated to v1.55, removed dependency on MPD (can be remote), and removed apac...Your Name
2019-05-01rompr: update to 1.26Milos Dukic
2018-12-09Rompr bump to v1.24Milos Dukic
2017-12-03Rompr push to 1.08Milos Dukic
2016-07-31Bump to 0.78MilosD
2016-06-05bump to 0.77MilosD
2016-03-31Update to 0.76MilosD
2016-01-03bump to 0.74MilosD
2015-09-27push to 0.73MilosD
2015-09-02Bump to version 0.70MilosD
2015-06-14Rompr initial commitMilosD