AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-22Increase pkgrelbionade24
2020-12-21Set Boost_NO_SYSTEM_PATHS=TRUE cmake flagsbionade24
2020-12-20Harcode boost 1.69bionade24
2020-08-30Merge pull request #4 from ros-melodic-arch/fix_patch_locationOskar Roesler
2020-08-27Use ${srcdir} to locate patch instead of relative pathFelix Exner
2020-02-15Fixed arch=() arraybionade24
2019-11-16Merge pull request #3 from acxz/masterJohn Hendy
2019-11-16update to py3.8acxz
2019-10-12Merge pull request #1 from acxz/boost-fixJohn Hendy
2019-10-12patch boost issueacxz
2019-09-16updated _dir, sources, and shasums; pkgreljwhendy
2019-07-03updated URLjwhendy
2019-01-09New VersionGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-09-26UpdateGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-09-08Update!Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-05-13UpdateGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira