AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-18Added pkgconf to makedependsTony Houghton
2021-04-29Release 3.10.3 restores kinetic scrolling.Tony Houghton
2021-04-29AUR/vte3-kinetic is no longer usefulTony Houghton
2021-04-29Updated upstream url; update for release 3.10.2Tony Houghton
2020-07-25Sync version with upstream (3.10.1)Tony Houghton
2020-07-24Added optdepends on vte3-kineticTony Houghton
2020-05-27Upstream updated to 3.9.4Tony Houghton
2020-04-25Removed libsm dependency, bumped version (3.9.3)Tony Houghton
2020-04-14Upstream 3.9.2Tony Houghton
2020-04-03Updated .SRCINFO; upstream version 3.9.1Tony Houghton
2020-04-03Updated build dependencies, use short version if appropriateTony Houghton
2020-03-27Update for version tag 3.8.5Tony Houghton
2020-02-01Updated .SRCINFO to match new PKGBUILDTony Houghton
2020-02-01Updated to latest upstream version, now at githubTony Houghton
2018-01-15do not need install scriptBrian Bidulock
2018-01-15builds in clean chrootBrian Bidulock
2015-06-10version 1:3.0.0.r22.g388ce3e-1Brian Bidulock
2015-06-10version 1:2.9.0.r10.g4415109-1Brian Bidulock
2015-06-10version 20120121-1Brian Bidulock
2015-06-10initial versionBrian Bidulock