AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
38 hoursupdate to 7.13.1Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2022-10-17switched to source for multiarch supportRicardo (XenGi) Band
2022-10-15bumped to version 7.7.2BOT
2022-10-14bumped to version 7.7.1BOT
2022-09-29bumped to version 7.7.0BOT
2022-08-08bumped to version 7.6.1BOT
2022-07-20bumped to version 7.6.0BOT
2022-06-14bumped to version 7.5.1BOT
2022-05-27bumped to version 7.5.0BOT
2022-05-11bumped to version 7.4.0BOT
2022-03-02bumped to version 7.3.2BOT
2022-02-07bumped to version 7.3.1BOT
2022-02-06bumped to version 7.3.0BOT
2022-02-01bumped to version 7.2.0BOT
2022-01-29bumped to version 7.1.0BOT
2022-01-27bumped to version 7.0.1BOT
2022-01-26bumped to version 7.0.0BOT
2022-01-14bumped to version 6.10.2BOT
2022-01-08bumped to version 6.10.0BOT
2022-01-01bumped to version 6.9.0BOT
2021-12-03bumped to version 6.8.2BOT
2021-11-14bumped to version 6.8.1BOT
2021-11-11bumped to version 6.8.0BOT
2021-03-02 bump version to v5.10.2Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2021-01-28bumped to 5.9.0Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2020-12-03remove ciRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-12-03remove sysupdateRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-12-03make pacman non-interactiveRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-12-03fix ciRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-12-03add ciRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-11-19updated to 5.6.0Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2020-01-15fixed checksumsRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-01-15fixed service filesRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-01-15updated to v5.1.0; modified service fileRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-01-07fixed everythingRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-01-07service file addedRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-01-07first tryRicardo (XenGi) Band