AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-045.7.0Cody P Schafer
2023-05-10srcinfoCody P Schafer
2023-05-10patch for gcc 13Cody P Schafer
2023-02-20patch for ethtool_sset_info issue reported by @angelvCody P Schafer
2022-09-01srcinfoCody P Schafer
2022-09-01rr 5.6.0Cody P Schafer
2021-09-28update to 5.5.0Cody P Schafer
2020-11-16srcinfoCody Schafer
2020-11-16fix patch namesCody Schafer
2020-11-16add patch 2726 to fix clang builds (thanks konsonanz)Cody Schafer
2020-11-14update to 5.4.0Cody P Schafer
2020-01-07update to 5.3.0Cody P Schafer
2019-12-04disable strippingCody P Schafer
2019-08-20remove python2-pexpect, use better archive nameCody Schafer
2019-08-20it appears pythin2-pexpect is not needed for running rrCody Schafer
2018-11-18use informative source filenameCody P Schafer
2018-11-18update srcinfoCody P Schafer
2018-11-18add missing fileCody P Schafer
2018-11-18use ninja, remove multilib, enforce makepkg debug/opt flagsCody P Schafer
2018-11-18use verboseCody Schafer
2018-11-06fix buildCody Schafer
2018-05-27forgot mksrcinfo...dequis
2018-05-27Skip running tests after builddequis
2017-12-245.1.0, add capnproto depdequis
2017-06-10Add GCC 7 build errors fix patchdequis
2017-06-10Update patch sha1sumsdequis
2017-03-21Add patch fixing build with glibc 2.25dequis
2017-03-21Backport PR #2001 fixing -Werror issuesdequis
2016-10-014.4.0 + git commit b17311cdequis
2016-09-01Added -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release to avoid -Werrordequis
2016-01-29Add gdb to deps, remove libpfm4 and libdisasmdequis
2015-12-15remove unneeded sed replacements from prepare()dequis
2015-12-14Depend on gcc-multilib only for x86_64dequis
2015-11-04Move gcc-multilib to makedependsdequis
2015-11-04Add gcc-multilib to deps, bump pkgreldequis
2015-11-04Install to /usr instead of /usr/localdequis
2015-10-23Update to 4.0.0dequis
2015-08-24Update to 3.2.0dequis
2015-08-24Initial import from aur-mirrordequis