AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-31Update to v2.7.3.Donald Webster
2022-02-26Add libxcrypt-compat depends.Donald Webster
2020-07-21Update to v2.7.2.Donald Webster
2020-06-18Update to v2.7.1.Donald Webster
2020-05-08Update to v2.7.0.Donald Webster
2019-12-29Update to v2.6.4.Donald Webster
2019-11-22Add override comment to tmpfiles.Donald Webster
2019-01-15Update to v2.6.3.Donald Webster
2019-01-09Remove chmod, this happens later anyway.Donald Webster
2019-01-09Add spacing to install arguments.Donald Webster
2019-01-09Forgot to actually put sysusers file where it needed to go.Donald Webster
2019-01-09Convert tabs to spaces, remove trailing and empty spaces.Donald Webster
2019-01-09Switch to sysusers for user:group, switch to tmpfiles for file/folder ownersh...Donald Webster
2018-11-29Update to v2.6.2 (but not really).Donald Webster
2018-11-25Include pkgrel in localally saved file name.Donald Webster
2018-11-24Update sha sums.Donald Webster
2018-09-28Ooops, it is really Webster
2018-09-28Update to v2.6.0.1319.Donald Webster
2018-08-09Change to /run and rename tmpfile.Donald Webster
2018-08-09Switch aarch64 to arm64 build.Donald Webster
2018-07-26Update to v2.6.0.1317.Donald Webster
2018-05-24Update to v2.5.13.Donald Webster
2018-03-30Files changed again, checksums updated.Donald Webster
2018-03-26Checksums changed.Donald Webster
2018-01-11Update to 2.5.12.Donald Webster
2018-01-11Checksums changed...Donald Webster
2018-01-09Update to 2.5.11.Donald Webster
2017-12-21Package sums changed.Donald Webster
2017-12-19Update to 2.5.10.Donald Webster
2017-09-27Update to v2.5.9.Donald Webster
2017-09-26Package checksums changed again.Donald Webster
2017-09-13Add .gitignore file.Donald Webster
2017-09-13Do chmod 644 on /etc/rslsync.conf.Donald Webster
2017-09-06fix rslsync.confwido
2017-09-06fix rslsync.confwido
2017-09-06fix pidwido
2017-09-06updated to 2.5.8wido
2017-08-10updated to 2.5.7wido
2017-07-14updated to 2.5.6wido
2017-07-06updated to 2.5.5wido
2017-06-20updated to 2.5.4wido
2017-06-08updated to 2.5.3wido
2017-05-18updated to 2.5.2wido
2017-05-17updated to 2.5.1wido
2017-05-12updated to 2.5.0wido
2017-05-12updated to 2.5wido
2017-04-05updated to 2.4.5wido
2017-03-17add support aarch64wido
2016-12-12updated to 2.4.4wido