AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-30manual update to: 2022.07.02+576Daniel Chen
2022-03-14add --disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox to the .desktopDaniel Chen
2022-02-212022.02.0.443Daniel Chen
2022-02-15update to 2022.02.0-442Daniel Chen
2022-01-29remove pandoc-citeproc since it's part of pandoc nowDaniel Chen
2022-01-29Fix pkgver pkgver_url and pandoc dir: v2022.02.0-preview+392Daniel Chen
2022-01-14Auto CRON update: v2021.09.2+382Daniel Chen
2021-12-19Semi-auto update: v2021.09.1+372Daniel Chen
2021-12-18fix URL: v2021.09.1+372Daniel Chen
2021-12-02Auto CRON update: v2021.09.1+372Daniel Chen
2021-09-24update to 2021.09.0+351Daniel Chen
2021-07-16Auto CRON update: v1.4.1725Daniel Chen
2021-05-26Auto CRON update: v1.4.1717Daniel Chen
2021-05-24Auto CRON update: v1.4.1716Daniel Chen
2021-05-20Auto CRON update: v1.4.1714Daniel Chen
2021-05-20Auto CRON update: v1.4.1713Daniel Chen
2021-05-18Auto CRON update: v1.4.1712Daniel Chen
2021-05-13Auto CRON update: v1.4.1711Daniel Chen
2021-05-11Auto CRON update: v1.4.1707Daniel Chen
2021-04-27Auto CRON update: v1.4.1120Daniel Chen
2021-04-09Auto CRON update: v1.4.1118Daniel Chen
2021-04-02Auto CRON update: v1.4.1114Daniel Chen
2021-02-12Auto CRON update: v1.4.1106Daniel Chen
2021-01-08Auto CRON update: v1.4.1103Daniel Chen
2021-01-06Auto CRON update: v1.4.1102Daniel Chen
2020-12-24Auto CRON update: v1.4.1100Daniel Chen
2020-12-22Auto CRON update: v1.4.1099Daniel Chen
2020-12-18Auto CRON update: v1.4.1094Daniel Chen
2020-12-16Auto CRON update: v1.4.1093Daniel Chen
2020-12-15Auto CRON update: v1.4.1090Daniel Chen
2020-12-10Auto CRON update: v1.4.1087Daniel Chen
2020-12-08Auto CRON update: v1.4.1081Daniel Chen
2020-11-24add postgresql-libsDaniel Chen
2020-11-24Semi-auto update: v1.4.1056Daniel Chen
2020-11-20Semi-auto update: v1.4.1048Daniel Chen
2020-11-12Auto CRON update: v1.4.1021Daniel Chen
2020-11-12Auto CRON update: v1.4.1013Daniel Chen
2020-10-31Semi-auto update: v1.4.993Daniel Chen
2020-10-25Semi-auto update: v1.4.953Daniel Chen
2020-10-09Semi-auto update: v1.4.904Daniel Chen
2020-10-03Semi-auto update: v1.4.869Daniel Chen
2020-09-22Semi-auto update: v1.3.1093Daniel Chen
2020-09-03Semi-auto update: v1.3.1087Daniel Chen
2020-08-31v1.3.1081Daniel Chen
2020-07-21v1.3.1060Daniel Chen
2020-07-15v1.3.1056Daniel Chen
2020-06-22v1.3.1039Daniel Chen
2020-06-151.3.1019Daniel Chen
2020-06-101.3.1014Daniel Chen
2020-06-051.3.1007Daniel Chen