AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-04[FEATURE] Update to version 2021.09.1-272Mark Lee
2021-10-08[FEATURE] Update to version 2021.09.0-351Mark Lee
2021-08-30[FEATURE] Update to version 1.4.1717Mark Lee
2021-03-06[FEATURE] Update to version 1.4.1106Mark Lee
2020-11-05Update to version 1.3.1093Mark Lee
2020-04-30Update to Rstudio v1.2.5042Mark Lee
2020-03-15Update to version 1.2.5033Mark Lee
2019-12-08Update rstudio server to 1.2.5019Mark Lee
2019-10-13Update to 1.2.5001Mark Lee
2019-04-10Removed i686 supportMark Lee
2019-03-03Fix pam login issuesMark Lee
2019-01-09Added openssl-1.0 dependencyMark Lee
2018-11-01update to 1.1.463Mark Lee
2018-08-27Changed maintainer ownershipMark Lee
2018-01-22upgrading to 1.1.414petres
2017-03-07update to 1.0.136petres
2016-11-03version updatepetres
2016-05-15update to version 0.99.902petres
2016-03-14new versionpetres
2016-02-10update versionpetres
2016-02-08updating srcinfopetres
2016-02-08updated to version 0.99.491petres
2015-07-30fixed permissionsCarlos Familia
2015-07-30removed snapshot filesCarlos Familia
2015-07-30fixed directory removal on uninstallCarlos Familia
2015-07-30updated providesCarlos Familia
2015-07-30updated providesCarlos Familia
2015-07-30updated providesCarlos Familia
2015-07-30initial commitCarlos Familia