AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-18Set PACKAGE_VERSION to @PKGVER@ in the function prepare()xx777
2023-08-16Add usb_modeswitch as optional dependency.xx777
2023-06-30Enable HT40 by default555
2023-06-28Remove firmware for RTL8192FU555
2023-06-17Fix build for kernel 5.15 ~ 5.19555
2023-06-17Use the rtl8xxxu maintained by lwfinger555
2023-06-15Update pkgver555
2023-05-19Update pkgver555
2023-05-17Fix incorrect license file name555
2023-05-15Fix the error while repacking555
2023-05-14Add pgkver() function555
2023-05-14Add a license file555
2023-05-14Blacklist rtl8xxxu when the package is installed, but not everytime kernel is...555
2023-05-14Include rtl8192fufw.bin in the package555
2023-05-134th commit555
2023-05-13Don't include the firmware files in the package555
2023-05-132rd commit555
2023-05-13first commit555