AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-01Move `go` from depends to makedepends, add `git` makedependAdam Goldsmith
2020-04-08Switch to building from gitAdam Goldsmith
2020-04-08Add -modcacherw argument to not break clean rebuildAdam Goldsmith
2020-04-08Use bash substitution instead of external call to dirnameAdam Goldsmith
2020-04-08Simply/standardize package, bump version to 0.9.1Adam Goldsmith
2018-09-20Update to v0.9.1 in .SRCINFO as well.bemasher
2018-09-20Update to v0.9.1 for R900 fix.bemasher
2018-09-01Update .SRCINFO version number.bemasher
2018-09-01Update to latest release.bemasher
2018-06-15Corrected package name.bemasher
2018-06-15Update package name and version.bemasher
2018-06-15Update package name and version.bemasher
2015-06-29Fix check and build.bemasher
2015-06-29Initial import.bemasher