AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-19Add .gitignore fileJeremy Audet
2019-01-19Update to version 2.15.3Jeremy Audet
2018-10-22Update to version 2.15.2Jeremy Audet
2018-09-02Update to version 2.15.1Jeremy Audet
2018-08-26Update to version 2.15.0Jeremy Audet
2018-08-19Update to version 2.13.0Jeremy Audet
2018-08-19Drop unnecessary check_version scriptJeremy Audet
2018-08-12Update to version 2.12.0Jeremy Audet
2018-08-05Update to version 2.11.0Jeremy Audet
2018-02-11Re-enable documentationJeremy Audet
2018-02-04Drop -rubygems flag, add --no-document flagJeremy Audet
2018-02-02Update urlJeremy Audet
2017-12-11Update maintainer infoJeremy Audet
2017-10-29Update to version 2.10.1Jeremy Audet
2017-06-04Update to version 2.9.1Jeremy Audet
2017-04-02Update to version 2.8.0Jeremy Audet
2016-12-15Update tion version 2.7.1Jeremy Audet
2015-06-25Initial commit (version 2.7.0)Jeremy Audet