AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-28Version 0.25.3John Gerritse
2020-04-15Fixed maintainer header and put any between quotesJohn Gerritse
2019-08-31Version bump to 0.25.2John Gerritse
2019-01-01Version 0.22.0 releasedJohn Gerritse
2018-12-09Version 0.21.2 releasedJohn Gerritse
2018-09-14>Corrected errors with previous pushJohn Gerritse
2018-09-14Updated SRCINFOJohn Gerritse
2018-09-14Version bump to 0.20.0John Gerritse
2018-03-24Version bump to 0.19.0John Gerritse
2018-02-02Commit version 0.18.0John Gerritse