AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-15Upgrade `rue` to version `0.3.0`Tom Tsagk
2022-02-18Update to version `0.2.3`Tom Tsagk
2022-02-10Update to version `0.2.1`Tom Tsagk
2022-01-07Update to version `0.1.1`Tom Tsagk
2021-08-29Update to version `0.0.6`, update source to github.Tom Tsagk
2021-08-06Correct license to `GPL3`Tom Tsagk
2021-08-06Update to version `0.0.4`, which makes the game build easier on different pla...Tom Tsagk
2021-07-29Make small quality of life improvements to the PKGBUILDTom Tsagk
2021-07-26Initial commit with project version `0.0.1`Tom Tsagk