AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-17Release 2.7.1Max Weber
2023-07-25Release 2.6.7Max Weber
2023-05-09Release 2.6.4Max Weber
2023-03-05Release 2.6.3Max Weber
2023-02-04Release 2.6.1Max Weber
2023-01-01Release 2.6.0Max Weber
2022-10-03Release 2.5.0Max Weber
2022-08-20Release 2.4.4Max Weber
2022-03-07Release 2.4.2Max Weber
2022-02-21Release 2.4.0Max Weber
2022-01-04include version in sourcesMax Weber
2022-01-02Release 2.3.0Max Weber
2021-09-25Release 2.2.0Max Weber
2021-09-24install into /usr/share/java/Max Weber
2021-09-24use a unique srcdir name for licenseMax Weber
2021-09-24correct license locationMax Weber
2020-06-12use the launcherMax Weber
2020-06-04Release Weber
2020-05-28Release 1.6.17Max Weber
2020-05-21Release 1.6.16Max Weber
2020-05-17update to package version 1.6.15Jason Stryker
2020-05-09update to version 1.6.14Jason Stryker
2020-05-03update to version 1.6.13Jason Stryker
2020-04-24update to version 1.6.12Jason Stryker
2020-04-17update to version 1.6.11Jason Stryker
2020-03-26update to version 1.6.10Jason Stryker
2020-03-06update to version 1.6.9Jason Stryker
2020-02-27update to version 1.6.8Jason Stryker
2020-02-20update to version 1.6.7Jason Stryker
2020-02-14update to version Stryker
2020-01-29update to verion 1.6.5Jason Stryker
2020-01-16upgrade to version 1.6.2Jason Stryker
2020-01-04update to version Stryker
2019-12-19update to version 1.5.43Jason Stryker
2019-11-28update to version Stryker
2019-11-25update to version Stryker
2019-11-14update to version 1.5.40Jason Stryker
2019-11-01update to version 1.5.38Jason Stryker
2019-10-31update to version 1.5.37Jason Stryker
2019-10-18update to version 1.5.36Jason Stryker
2019-09-26update to version 1.5.34Jason Stryker
2019-09-12update to version 1.5.33Jason Stryker
2019-08-30update to version 1.5.32Jason Stryker
2019-08-18update to version Stryker
2019-08-15update to version 1.5.31Jason Stryker
2019-08-01update to version 1.5.30Jason Stryker
2019-07-25update to version Stryker
2019-07-18update to version 1.5.29Jason Stryker
2019-07-04update to version 1.5.28Jason Stryker
2019-06-20update to version 1.5.27Jason Stryker