AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-13bump runrestic pkgrel againNogweii
2023-02-13packaging update for runresticNogweii
2023-02-10upgrade runrestic to 0.5.28-1Nogweii
2022-09-10Update to v0.5.26.1.Donald Webster
2022-09-05Update to v0.5.24.Donald Webster
2021-11-24Update to v0.5.23.Donald Webster
2021-03-08Cleanup PKGBUILD.Donald Webster
2021-03-02Update to v0.5.20.Donald Webster
2020-08-28Switch URL.Donald Webster
2020-06-22Update to v0.5.8.Donald Webster
2020-04-29Bump pkgrel.Donald Webster
2020-04-26Use the github release.Donald Webster
2020-04-26Update to v0.5.4.Donald Webster
2020-04-07Update to v0.5.3.Donald Webster
2020-02-06Update to v0.5.2.Donald Webster
2020-02-05Add check and depends, still not fixed though.Donald Webster
2020-02-05Remove patch.Donald Webster
2020-02-05Update to v0.5.0.Donald Webster
2019-12-05Patch to allow jsonschema 3.*Donald Webster
2019-11-04Update to v0.3.6, undo all that stuff I did! :)Donald Webster
2019-11-04Update to v0.3.5, switch to pypi, cleanup and pull in systemd servic...Donald Webster
2019-06-24Add me as maintainer too.Donald Webster
2019-06-21Update to v0.3.2 and clean up package.Donald Webster
2019-02-07replace fastjsonschema also in setup.pyHenry78
2019-02-07replace fastjsonschema by jsonschemaHenry78
2019-01-18forgot to increment pkgrelHenry78
2019-01-18fix quotes and depsHenry78
2019-01-18initial packageHenry78