AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-24correct sha256sumPierre Chevalier
2017-06-24Bump version info and shaPierre Chevalier
2017-06-24Bump versionPierre Chevalier
2017-03-17Update to version 0.4Pierre Chevalier
2017-03-17Update to latest versionPierre Chevalier
2017-03-17Upgrade to version 0.3 with notification supportPierre Chevalier
2017-03-10Update to rut-dwm-status 0.2 (prettier on desktop)Pierre Chevalier
2017-03-09Update to version 0.1.1Pierre Chevalier
2017-03-08Upload rust-dwm-status version 0.1.0 to the aurPierre Chevalier