AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-13Update rust-rage-git dependenciesDaniel Peukert
2023-04-01Update 32-bit architectures based on available dependencies and binariesDaniel Peukert
2023-03-02Run rust-rage-git testsDaniel Peukert
2023-03-02Remove unnecessary bash-completion dependencyDaniel Peukert
2023-03-02Fix rust-rage-git target logic, add elvish completion, update cargo commandsDaniel Peukert
2023-03-01Get rid of ARM v5 and v6, as no Arch-based distro supports themDaniel Peukert
2022-09-17Update git packages with sha256sums to sha512sumsDaniel Peukert
2020-11-22Updated rust-rage to 0.5.0Daniel Peukert
2020-04-23Unify git pkgver functionsDaniel Peukert
2020-02-14Added missing spaceDaniel Peukert
2020-02-10Fixed spacingDaniel Peukert
2020-02-10Updated rust-rage to 0.3.0Daniel Peukert
2020-01-19Added an underscore to loop variablesDaniel Peukert
2020-01-18Add trailing slashesDaniel Peukert
2020-01-10Added rust-rageDaniel Peukert