AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-10(no commit message)novenary
2021-06-05Fix broken source URLnovenary
2021-04-04Re-enable XIM support, fix font change not resizingnovenary
2020-09-18Fix segfault on exitDan Elkouby
2020-06-27Perl 5.32 rebuildDan Elkouby
2019-06-15Perl 5.30 rebuildDan Elkouby
2019-01-11Include all patches in the repoDan Elkouby
2019-01-11Add wide glyphs patchDan Elkouby
2018-05-07Forgot SRCINFODan Elkouby
2018-05-07Re-enable inclusion of codesetsDan Elkouby
2018-05-07Remove some cruftDan Elkouby
2018-04-30Add background image patchDan Elkouby
2018-04-30Add SGR mouse patch and enable pixbuf supportDan Elkouby
2017-09-03Perl rebuildDan Elkouby
2016-06-08Bundle terminfo to keep a matching version aroundDan Elkouby
2016-06-06Add 256 xresources patchDan Elkouby
2016-06-06RebuildDan Elkouby
2016-03-28Enable frillsDan Elkouby
2016-01-29Update descriptionDan Elkouby
2016-01-29Add font fixesDan Elkouby
2016-01-27Update to 9.22Dan Elkouby
2016-01-10Don't attempt to fix background colorsDan Elkouby
2016-01-10Update descriptionDan Elkouby
2016-01-10Initial importDan Elkouby