AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-27Retry on EINTRDaniel Hahler
2016-11-24Update MakefileDaniel Hahler
2016-11-24Use --enable-smart-resize with upstream patchDaniel Hahler
2016-11-16Update: fix configure with ZshDaniel Hahler
2016-11-09Add MakefileDaniel Hahler
2016-11-09Fix wrong patch location: provide the patch inlineDaniel Hahler
2016-11-09Fix sha1sum for my patch^2Daniel Hahler
2016-11-09Fix sha1sum for my patchDaniel Hahler
2016-11-09Init PKGBUILD for rxvt-unicode-wcwidthcallbackDaniel Hahler
2016-07-01Remove --disable-pixbufFlorian Bruhin
2016-06-06pkgrel bumpFlorian Bruhin
2016-05-17Update .SRCINFOFlorian Bruhin
2016-05-12Disable enable-wide-glyphs.patchFlorian Bruhin
2016-05-09Add patch to display wide glyphsFlorian Bruhin
2016-01-28cleanup, apply changes from [community]Florian Bruhin
2016-01-28Update to 9.22, add SGR patch.Florian Bruhin
2015-06-28Bump pkgrel because of perl upgrade.Florian Bruhin
2015-06-10Update checksumsFlorian Bruhin
2015-06-10Adopt rxvt-unicode-patchedFlorian Bruhin