AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysFix 0.6.4 hashquest
13 daysUpdate to 0.6.4quest
2021-12-01Bump to 0.6.2quest
2021-11-26Fix SHAquest
2021-11-24Bump to 0.6.1quest
2021-10-12Bump to 0.6.0quest
2021-07-29Bump to latest squest
2021-03-07Add fish completions and README.mdquest
2021-03-06Update .SRCINFOquest
2021-03-06Bump to 0.5.15quest
2019-12-07Fix providesquest
2019-02-13Bump to 0.5.14Josh Ellithorpe
2018-10-13Bump to s 0.5.13Josh Ellithorpe
2018-01-26Bump to 0.5.12Josh Ellithorpe
2017-08-26fix pkgrelJosh Ellithorpe
2017-08-26Bump to v0.5.11Josh Ellithorpe
2017-05-06Fix build for users without golangJosh Ellithorpe
2017-05-06Fix gvt restoreJosh Ellithorpe
2017-05-06Fix double installJosh Ellithorpe
2017-05-05Remove _gourlJosh Ellithorpe
2017-05-05Restore vendored dependencies with gvtJosh Ellithorpe
2017-05-05Actually use release tarball and not go getJosh Ellithorpe
2017-05-05Updated pkgsumsJosh Ellithorpe
2017-05-05Bump to 0.5.10Josh Ellithorpe
2017-05-05Fix SRCINFOJosh Ellithorpe
2017-05-05Add bash completion scriptJosh Ellithorpe
2017-04-04Bump to 0.5.9Josh Ellithorpe
2016-12-01Bump to 0.5.8Josh Ellithorpe
2016-10-08Bump to 0.5.7Josh Ellithorpe
2016-08-03Bump to 0.5.5Josh Ellithorpe
2016-08-01Bump version of s to 0.5.4Josh Ellithorpe
2016-04-25Bump to 0.5.2Josh Ellithorpe
2016-04-21Slight adjustments to PKGBUILDquest
2016-04-21Fix build issue for 0.5.1quest
2016-04-21Bumped to 0.5.1quest
2016-03-28Updated to 0.5.0quest
2016-03-10Updated to 0.4.5quest
2016-02-27Bump to 0.4.4quest
2016-02-25Bump to 0.4.3quest
2016-02-17Update to 0.4.2quest
2016-02-12Update to 0.4.1quest
2016-02-08Bump to 0.3.1quest
2016-02-06Bumped to 0.3.0quest
2016-01-28Updated to 0.2.1quest
2016-01-27Bumped to version v0.2.0quest
2016-01-27Bumped to v0.1.11quest
2016-01-27Bumped version to 0.1.10quest
2016-01-25Bumped to 0.1.8quest
2016-01-25 Updated to 0.1.7 with gist supportquest
2016-01-25Bumped to 0.1.6 release with npm, npmsearch, go and youtubequest