AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-31Update to v4.2.2.Donald Webster
2024-01-15Fix Umask to UMask.Donald Webster
2024-01-05Update to v4.2.1.Donald Webster
2024-01-03Add override example to service file.Donald Webster
2024-01-03Update to v4.2.0.Donald Webster
2023-09-26Update to v4.1.0.Donald Webster
2023-07-10Update to v4.0.3.Donald Webster
2023-06-07Update to v4.0.2.Donald Webster
2023-05-02Update to v4.0.1.Donald Webster
2023-04-28Update to v4.0.0.Donald Webster
2023-02-05Update to v3.7.2.Donald Webster
2022-12-17Update to v3.7.1.Donald Webster
2022-12-04Remove opt depends par2cmdline-tbb which no longer exists.Donald Webster
2022-11-04Update to v3.7.0.Donald Webster
2022-08-18Update to v3.6.1.Donald Webster
2022-06-10Switch to new split jaraco packages.Donald Webster
2022-06-07And re-generate .SRCINFO.Donald Webster
2022-06-07Sort depends alphabetically.Donald Webster
2022-06-07Fix cparser -> pycparser.Donald Webster
2022-06-07Update to v3.6.0.Donald Webster
2022-03-17Update to v3.5.3.Donald Webster
2022-03-09Per safihre, pyopenssl is not needed.Donald Webster
2022-03-09Update to v2.5.2.Donald Webster
2022-02-20Update to v3.5.1.Donald Webster
2022-01-28Add depends python-pysocks.Donald Webster
2022-01-28Revert "Add depends python-jaraco and python-jaraco.context."Donald Webster
2022-01-28Add depends python-jaraco and python-jaraco.context.Donald Webster
2022-01-28Update to v3.5.0.Donald Webster
2021-12-13Bump pkgrel for Python 3.10.Donald Webster
2021-10-15Update to v3.4.2.Donald Webster
2021-09-23Update to v3.4.1.Donald Webster
2021-09-19Add optdepends for dbus-python.Donald Webster
2021-09-19Add depends python-cheroot.Donald Webster
2021-09-17Add depends python-guessit.Donald Webster
2021-09-17Add depends python-puremagic.Donald Webster
2021-09-17Update to v3.4.0.Donald Webster
2021-06-18Update to v3.3.1.Donald Webster
2021-06-01Update to v3.3.0.Donald Webster
2021-03-31Update to v3.2.1.Donald Webster
2021-02-26Update to v3.2.0.Donald Webster
2020-12-02Bump pkgrel for Python 3.9.0.Donald Webster
2020-11-11Update to v3.1.1.Donald Webster
2020-11-02Remove tray icon optdepends.Donald Webster
2020-10-16Update to v3.1.0.Donald Webster
2020-08-30Update to v3.0.2.Donald Webster
2020-08-27Fix text in install file.Donald Webster
2020-08-18Update to v3.0.1.Donald Webster
2020-08-09Add sabnzbd user home directory changing.Donald Webster
2020-08-08Gate the whole thing around /opt/sabnzbd existing.Donald Webster
2020-08-08Forgot .SRCINFO.Donald Webster