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7 daysBump to 2.4.14.Bilal Taşdelen
2023-12-03Bump to 2.4.13Bilal Taşdelen
2023-11-22Fix permission issue with chrome-sandbox.Bilal Taşdelen
2023-11-15Bump to 2.4.12Bilal Taşdelen
2023-09-07Bump to 2.4.10Bilal Taşdelen
2023-07-20Bump to 2.4.9. Also, dl link and some paths are changed.Bilal Taşdelen
2023-03-11Bump to 2.4.7Bilal Taşdelen
2023-01-30Bump to 2.4.6Bilal Taşdelen
2023-01-20Bump to 2.4.4Bilal Taşdelen
2022-12-17Bump to 2.4.3Bilal Taşdelen
2022-11-29Bump to 2.4.2Bilal Taşdelen
2022-10-12Bump to 2.4.1.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-09-29Bump to 2.4.0.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-08-27Bump to 2.3.59.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-08-10Bump to 2.3.58.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-07-27Bump to 2.3.56.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-07-05Bump to 2.3.55.Bilal Taşdelen
2022-06-12Bump to 2.3.54Bilal Taşdelen
2022-05-30Bump to 2.3.53Bilal Taşdelen
2022-04-20Bump to 2.3.50Bilal Taşdelen
2022-04-17Bump to 2.3.49Bilal Taşdelen
2022-03-24Bump to 2.3.47Bilal Taşdelen
2022-02-18Added dependency libxcrypt-compatBilal Taşdelen
2022-02-16Bump to 2.3.45Bilal Taşdelen
2022-01-19Bump to 2.3.44Bilal Taşdelen
2021-12-02Bump to 2.3.41Bilal Taşdelen
2021-10-22Bump to 2.3.39Bilal Taşdelen
2021-10-13Bump to 2.3.38Bilal Taşdelen
2021-09-16Bump to 2.3.37Bilal Taşdelen
2021-08-24Bump to 2.3.35Bilal Taşdelen
2021-08-13Bump 2.3.33Bilal Taşdelen
2021-08-12Bump 2.3.32Bilal Taşdelen
2021-07-14Bump 2.3.31Bilal Taşdelen
2021-07-07Bump to 2.3.30Bilal Taşdelen
2021-06-08Upstream ver. 2.3.28Bilal Taşdelen
2021-05-14Remove deleted package from conflicts.Bilal Taşdelen
2021-05-13Add conflicts.Bilal Taşdelen
2021-05-13Bump rel.Bilal Taşdelen
2021-05-13Fixed mistake in one of paths.Bilal Taşdelen
2021-05-12Initial commitBilal Taşdelen