AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-21Add depends on perl-capture-tiny.Donald Webster
2017-09-04Add git as makedepends.Donald Webster
2017-08-23Make pv, mbuffer and lzop optional deps.Donald Webster
2016-12-19add /etc/sanoid/sanoid.conf as protected configuration file.Donald Webster
2016-12-02Add lzop, pv and mbuffer as deps.Donald Webster
2016-07-16Fix 'sandoid' -> sanoid typo and add perl-config-inifiles dependency.Donald Webster
2016-05-04Forgot to run mksrcinfo and add files new in git vs package.Donald Webster
2016-05-04Add perl dependency and proper package versioning.Donald Webster
2016-05-04Initial sanoid git package.Donald Webster