AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-06Fix scas thanks to Cosmo Borsky <>Antoine Viallon
2021-02-05Increased pkgrelAntoine Viallon
2021-02-05Added knightos groupAntoine Viallon
2020-10-15Update to 1.0.0_rc4Antoine Viallon
2020-08-14Update to 0.4.6Antoine Viallon
2020-07-08Update to 0.4.5Antoine Viallon
2020-06-21Bump to 0.4.1 hotfixAntoine Viallon
2020-06-19Update to 0.4.0, add documentationAntoine Viallon
2019-02-25Install LICENSE to /usr/shareDrew DeVault
2019-02-25Clean up PKGBUILDDrew DeVault
2019-02-17Update to 0.3.4Drew DeVault
2018-11-09Update to 0.3.3Drew DeVault
2018-07-09Update to 0.3.2Drew DeVault
2016-03-20update to scas 0.2.2Drew DeVault
2016-03-18Update to scas 0.2.1Drew DeVault
2015-06-08Initial import from aur3Drew DeVault