AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-29Update to 4.23Mark Blakeney
2021-06-13v4.22Martin C. Doege
2020-04-27Remove my Makefile and add gitignoreMark Blakeney
2020-01-09v4.21Martin C. Doege
2019-04-28Update checksum for changed 4.20 tgz fileMark Blakeney
2019-03-27Need to add tk package dependencyMark Blakeney
2019-03-27v4.20Martin C. Doege
2019-03-27Make snack and tdom packages optionalMark Blakeney
2018-09-09tdom-git -> tdomMartin C. Doege
2018-03-11v4.19Martin C. Doege
2017-09-04fix directory permissionsMartin Doege
2017-08-12v4.18.1Martin Doege
2017-07-07v4.18Martin Doege
2016-10-31updateMartin Doege
2016-10-264.17 releaseMartin Doege
2016-10-23updateMartin Doege
2016-10-22update to 4.17Martin Doege
2016-07-29update to 4.16.1 and remove patchMartin Doege
2016-05-20revert to gcc 6 and add patch for configure scriptMartin Doege
2016-05-20switch to gcc 5 from AUR due to build error with gcc 6.1.1Martin Doege
2016-03-17checksumMartin Doege
2016-01-27update to 4.16Martin Doege
2015-11-29update to 4.15Martin Doege
2015-09-10remove tkimg; no longer needed with tcl 8.6Martin Doege
2015-06-25add translationsMartin Doege
2015-06-09Initial importMartin Doege