AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-25Updated to 2024.0.0David Garfias
2023-06-02Updated to 2023.1.0David Garfias
2023-03-13Upgraded to 2023.0.0, forgot .SRCINFODavid Garfias
2023-03-13Upgraded to 2023.0.0David Garfias
2022-12-21Updated tar file download sourceDavid Garfias
2021-12-16fixed sources, now using https instead of httpDavid Garfias
2021-08-06Added soft links to executables, used default .desktop files, added scilab-gi...David Garfias
2021-07-20Since version 6.0.0, Scilab is licensed under GPLDavid Garfias
2021-07-20Upgraded to 6.1.1David Garfias
2021-02-05Fixed wrong dependenciesDavid Garfias
2021-02-05Forgot to update SRCINFODavid Garfias
2021-02-05Fixed missing fonts by using system's java and removed Terminal=trueDavid Garfias
2020-05-07Added ncurses5-compat-libs dependencyFer Calder
2020-05-06Upgraded to 6.1.0Fer Calder
2019-06-24upgraded to 6.0.2Georgios Eleftheriou
2018-02-20upgraded to version 6.0.1George Eleftheriou
2018-02-13forgot Terminal=true to also workaround the crash of xcos.desktop :)George Eleftheriou
2018-02-12Terminal=true to workaround the crash of scilab.desktopGeorge Eleftheriou
2018-01-04work-around for upstream bug #15145George Eleftheriou
2017-10-28replaced CARCH in the links, ignoring the warnings of namcapGeorge Eleftheriou
2017-10-28upgraded to version 6.0.0George Eleftheriou
2015-11-11Fixed copying license file.Marcel Hasler
2015-11-11Fixed a typo.Marcel Hasler
2015-11-11Initial commit.Marcel Hasler