AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-08Version 8.3Darjan Krijan
2023-05-09+ .SRCINFODarjan Krijan
2023-05-09scorep 8.1Darjan Krijan
2022-12-18HPC performance tools version bump:Darjan Krijan
2022-04-30otf2 --enable shared rebuildDarjan Krijan
2022-04-30- Cube 4.7 rebuildDarjan Krijan
2022-03-31scorep 7.1Darjan Krijan
2021-05-13Specify minimum versions of oft2 and cubelib.James Spencer
2021-05-09Upgrade to score-p 7.0James Spencer
2020-07-18Add patches from upstream to handle API changes in gcc 10.1 and binutils 2.34James Spencer
2019-08-28Update to 6.0James Spencer
2019-04-08Update to score-p 5.0James Spencer
2018-06-17ScoreP 4.0James Spencer
2018-06-17Fixes for building with gcc 8James Spencer
2017-06-19Update to score-p 3.1James Spencer
2016-09-22Update to 3.0James Spencer
2016-06-22Update to 2.0.2.James Spencer
2016-05-12Update to 2.0.1James Spencer
2015-06-30Update to 1.4.2James Spencer
2015-06-13Initial commitJames Spencer