AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-28Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2022-01-11Use git+https: instead of git:Piotr Gorski
2021-06-26Drop pam-faillock.patchPiotr Gorski
2021-04-24Switch to developer branchPiotr Gorski
2020-11-05Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2020-11-03Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2020-08-25Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2020-06-10SmoothingPiotr Gorski
2020-02-25Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2019-04-02Move dbus conf file under /usr/sharePiotr Gorski
2018-07-20Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2018-01-07Don't set InputMethod, it breaks all themes other than Breezesirlucjan
2017-12-23Set a DefaultPathsirlucjan
2017-12-07Move sddm.conf to /usr (FS#56609)sirlucjan
2017-12-06Add sddm user to video group, may help with FS#55960sirlucjan
2017-11-16Drop i686 supportsirlucjan
2017-10-13Switch to git describesirlucjan
2017-09-06Cleanup && bump to 0.15.0sirlucjan
2017-02-22Add extra-cmake-modules to makedependsJerome Leclanche
2015-11-07Add /etc/sddm.conf to backupJerome Leclanche
2015-07-10Provide and conflict with display-managerJerome Leclanche
2015-06-09Initial import from old AURJerome Leclanche