AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-22upgpkg: sdformat 14.0.0-1acxz
2023-03-14upgpkg: ignition-common 5.3.1-3Bernd Müller
2023-02-28upgpkg: sdformat 13.3.0-1acxz
2023-01-19upgpkg: sdformat 13.2.0-1acxz
2022-05-22upgpkg: sdformat 12.5.0-1acxz
2021-12-18updpkg 12.3.0acxz
2021-09-27updpkg 11.3.0acxz
2021-06-17updpkg 1.11.0acxz
2021-01-25Replace tinyxml dependency with tinyxml2 (#105)Felix Exner
2020-12-24updpkg 10.1.0acxz
2020-12-09updpkg 10.0.0acxz
2020-09-09[sdformat] updpkg 9.3.0acxz
2020-07-28sdformat: amend urdfdom as dependency (#52)goekce
2020-04-19updpkg sdformatacxz
2020-02-02updpkg 9.1.0acxz
2019-06-28Bump to 8.2Kye Morton
2019-06-26Bumped to 8.1Kye Morton
2018-02-25ignition-math4 dep lockKye Morton
2018-02-24Bump to require ignition-math4Kye Morton
2018-02-21Got rid of comma and 6.0.0!pryre
2017-12-08Bumped up to version 5.3.0pryre
2017-08-27Updated to v5.2.0pryre
2017-02-19Missing depspryre
2017-02-19Update to v5.0.0pryre
2017-02-07Update to v4.2.0pryre
2016-04-28Update to version 4.1.0 (pkgrel 1)Benjamin Chrétien
2016-01-30Update to version 4.0.0 (pkgrel 1)Benjamin Chrétien
2015-12-26Update to version 3.1.1 (pkgrel 4)Benjamin Chrétien
2015-12-10Update for new ABIBenjamin Chrétien
2015-10-23Bump for boost updateBenjamin Chrétien
2015-08-10Update to version 3.1.1Benjamin Chrétien
2015-06-09A whole lot of updates.Benjamin Chrétien
2015-02-16Update cpplean & sdformat.Benjamin Chrétien
2015-02-01Miscellaneous updates.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-11-13Update some packages after Boost update.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-10-20the_platinum_searcher: add initial PKGBUILD.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-08-11Update cuda5.5, sdformat and gazebo.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-06-19Add libdart, update gazebo, add gazebo-1.9, etc.Benjamin Chrétien