AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-11hidpi on wayland patchSebastian Krzyszkowiak
2018-11-12pkgver tweaked again, thanks KozeidVincent Grande
2018-11-12pkgver tweakVincent Grande
2018-11-10updated maintainer infoVincent Grande
2018-11-10added jack thingsVincent Grande
2018-11-10matched with official repo PKGBUILDVincent Grande
2017-04-24[upd] Sync to sdl2 packageCarsten Teibes
2016-01-03[upd]Carsten Teibes
2015-12-22[fix] Update $pkgverCarsten Teibes
2015-12-22[upd] Sync to lib32-sdl2-hgCarsten Teibes
2015-02-04[fix] Add flags to build the shared libraryCarsten Teibes
2014-04-14[add] sdl2-hgCarsten Teibes