AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-13update to 2.22Christer Solskogen
2022-01-14Update to 2.0.20Christer Solskogen
2021-12-03Update to 2.0.18Christer Solskogen
2021-08-13Update to 2.0.16Christer Solskogen
2021-01-14Fix build on aarch64Christer Solskogen
2021-01-14Update to 2.0.14 and cleanup the PKGBUILD a bitChrister Solskogen
2020-10-11Upgrade to 2.0.12Christer Solskogen
2019-08-17Update to SDL-2.0.10Christer Solskogen
2018-11-02removed dependency to tslibChrister Solskogen
2018-11-01New version and remove some configure optionsChrister Solskogen
2018-10-25fix checksumChrister Solskogen
2018-10-05Update to SDL-2.0.8 and support for aarch64Christer Solskogen
2017-12-23Initial commit of SDL2 without X11 supportChrister Solskogen