AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-01Update to version 1.2.29Tércio Martins
2023-09-01Update to version 1.2.28Tércio Martins
2023-04-16Update to version 1.2.27Tércio Martins
2023-02-21Update to version 1.2.26Tércio Martins
2023-01-17Update to version 1.2.25Tércio Martins
2022-07-31Update to version 1.2.24Tércio Martins
2022-05-22Update to version 1.2.23Tércio Martins
2022-02-24Update to version 1.2.2Tércio Martins
2021-12-23Update to version 1.2.21Tércio Martins
2021-08-02Update to version 1.2.20Tércio Martins
2021-06-26Update to version 1.2.19Tércio Martins
2021-05-16Update to version 1.2.18Tércio Martins
2021-04-23Update to version 1.2.17Tércio Martins
2021-03-08Update to version 1.2.16Tércio Martins
2021-02-10Update to version 1.2.15Tércio Martins
2020-11-29Update to version 1.2.14; build system changed to CMakeTércio Martins
2020-10-11Update package descriptionTércio Martins
2020-10-11Update to version 1.2.13Tércio Martins
2020-08-20Update to version 1.2.12Tércio Martins
2020-06-29Update to version 1.2.11Tércio Martins
2020-06-20Initial package uploadTércio Martins