AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-04added test suiteAndrea Manenti
2023-11-27changed pkgdesc and urlAndrea Manenti
2023-11-27Added intel-oneapi-mkl dependency, bumped versionAndrea Manenti
2023-05-07Added workaround for python 3.11 after deprecation of 'U'Andrea Manenti
2022-06-28Removed patch since the fix has now been mergedAndrea Manenti
2022-06-16Added patch to fix deprecation of string_files.hpp in boost-1.79Andrea Manenti
2022-01-12new version, force rebuild as libraries were no longer compatibleAndrea Manenti
2021-11-28updated .SRCINFOAndrea Manenti
2021-11-28added dependencies and fixed configure flagAndrea Manenti
2021-11-27new package: sdpb-gitAndrea Manenti