AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-09Update: searx 1.1.0-1Jake
2021-12-13Python 3.10 rebuildJake
2021-05-12Add cache to searx.iniJake
2021-03-28Change source url to search orgJake
2021-03-28Change urlJake
2021-03-28Update dependenciesJake
2021-03-28Update to 1.0.0Jake
2020-12-15Update to 0.18.0Jake
2020-12-04Paches for python 3.9 and google engineJake
2020-07-10Delete old patchJake
2020-07-10Update to 0.17.0Jake
2020-02-21Make it py version agnosticJake
2020-02-13Add patch for werkzeug 1.0.0Jake
2020-02-01Update to 0.16.0Jake
2019-11-18Remove home dir for searx userJake
2019-11-17Fixes for python 3.8Jake
2019-08-26Backup uwsgi searx.iniJake
2019-08-25Remove systemd serviceJake
2019-08-25Switch to uwsgiJake
2019-08-25Upgrade to python3Jake
2019-01-09Update to 0.15.0Jake
2018-08-21Use sysusersJake
2018-02-20Update to 0.14.0Jake
2018-01-28Change E-MailJake
2018-01-28Move all files into searx folderJake
2017-11-23Update to 0.13.1Jake
2017-11-22Update to 0.13.0Jake
2017-06-05Add pyopenssl dependJake
2017-06-05Update to 0.12.0Jake
2017-03-10Restart service on failureJake
2017-01-12Update to 0.11.0Jake
2016-10-21Add systemd protections and improve .installJake
2016-09-22move settings.yml into /etc/searxJake
2016-09-07Initial ImportJake