AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-30update git versioningHLFH
2022-02-15fix deps and filesHLFH
2022-01-02fix uwsgiHLFH
2021-08-16python-httpx-sockx and python-h2 added, removal python-idna and python-requestsHLFH
2021-01-21PR 2481, python-langdetect dependencyHLFH
2021-01-13searx-checker merged, deps changeHLFH
2020-07-12searx.ini within /etc/uwsgi/vassalsGaspard d'Hautefeuille
2020-07-11new searx-git package based on searx PKGBUILDGaspard d'Hautefeuille
2019-12-22Switch to Python 3, don't install common licenseJean Lucas
2019-08-13Update deps, reformat for readabilityJean Lucas
2019-06-21Revert adding 'r' to pkgver revision count until versioned releaseJean Lucas
2019-06-21Fix updated pkgver schemeJean Lucas
2019-06-21Use more robust pkgver schemeJean Lucas
2019-06-21Remove openssl from makedependsJean Lucas
2019-06-21Remove install, remove package variant optdepends, don't generate keys or use...Jean Lucas
2019-04-08No need for recursionJean Lucas
2019-04-08Overhaul, use systemd-{sysusers,tmpfiles}Jean Lucas
2018-08-11Miscellaneous modificationsJean Lucas
2018-04-09Fix morty hookJean Lucas
2018-04-09Add morty hook, install LICENSE, version bumpJean Lucas
2018-01-26Amend Python dependencyJean Lucas
2018-01-25Remove 'v' from pkgverJean Lucas
2018-01-25Add morty-git as an optional dependencyJean Lucas
2018-01-25Update dependencies, move requirements files into searx Python directoryJean Lucas
2017-02-05changed checksums to SHA256, version bumpJean Lucas
2016-10-17version bump and update backup file denominationJean Lucas
2016-10-01install file formatting amendmentJean Lucas
2016-10-01moved settings.yml, updated environment settings, and added systemd privacy a...Jean Lucas
2016-09-25give searx user nologinJean Lucas
2016-09-21fix assigned home directoryJean Lucas
2016-09-08update pkgrelJean Lucas
2016-09-08fix dependency, should be python2-pysocksJean Lucas
2016-09-07version bump, added new dependency, secret key generation is now done in-placeJean Lucas
2016-03-29update pkgverJean Lucas
2016-03-29update sed against requirementsJean Lucas
2016-03-06Update pkgver as `r' was added to release numberJean Lucas
2016-03-03Update pkgrel again, since pkgver changedJean Lucas
2016-03-03Update pkgrelJean Lucas
2016-03-03Update pygments versionJean Lucas
2016-03-01Hack the dependencies, update install and service filesJean Lucas
2015-07-16Fixing dependencies in the interfaceReventlov
2015-06-08Missing dependenciesReventlov
2015-06-08initial versionReventlov