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2019-12-08updated descriptionGI_Jack
2019-12-08updated URLGI_Jack
2019-12-08updated licenseGI_Jack
2019-12-08switched to fork of secure-delete, as requested.GI_Jack
2018-11-14updated emailGI_Jack
2018-09-12this should work betterGI_Jack
2018-09-12source is now back to the original maintainer(Van Hauser's) new github.GI_Jack
2018-03-05updated commentsGI_Jack
2018-03-05updated commentsGI_Jack
2018-03-05removed refrences to law enforcement. This should have never been there.GI_Jack
2017-12-27fixed more renaming from smem to semem. This includes documentation,GI_Jack
2017-11-13fixxed sphellingdevninja
2017-03-18added https sourcedevninja
2017-03-18lets try this again. New version with smem renamed to semem, due to filedevninja
2016-01-11changed file download locationdevninja
2016-01-11updated package source, thanks agains square minus. ;)devninja
2015-12-18updated source thanks sqrtminus1devninja
2015-08-31Initial CommitGI Jack