AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-02Update to version 1.20.0Mauro Santos
2017-12-13Split linuxpba.conf into linuxpba.conf and mkinitcpio.conf.Mauro Santos
2017-10-29Update to version 1.15.1Mauro Santos
2017-07-29Bump sleep time to two seconds.Mauro Santos
2017-07-29Remove duplicate call to udevadmMauro Santos
2017-07-29Update to version 1.15Mauro Santos
2017-07-29Bump pkgrelMauro Santos
2017-07-29Wait for one second and then use udevadm to wait until things settle.Mauro Santos
2017-07-23Don't override PKGEXTMauro Santos
2017-03-08Fix build for i686 systems.Mauro Santos
2016-12-13Fix compilation (again).Mauro Santos
2016-07-27Misc fixes.Mauro Santos
2016-05-19Fix name (nvme.h -> nvme_ioctl.h) and location of include ("" -> <>).Mauro Santos
2016-04-30Update to version 1.10.Mauro Santos
2015-11-18Cosmetic fix.Mauro Santos
2015-11-18Add support for challenge-response with the yubikey.Mauro Santos
2015-11-10Add custom PBA script to support keyfile, yubikey and password.Mauro Santos
2015-11-02Update to version 1.10.Mauro Santos
2015-10-19Fix linuxpba.conf path in mklinuxpba.Mauro Santos
2015-10-19Correct install message to reflect the fact that libata.allow_tpmMauro Santos
2015-10-18Build release versions instead of the default debug versions.Mauro Santos
2015-10-18Initial commit.Mauro Santos